The PSHS-CMC Residence Hall Unit aims to provide a nurturing environment for the scholars who live very far from the campus. It aspires to inculcate in the residents the PSHS core values of truth, excellence and service in creating an environment which is conducive for study, and for growth and development of enlightened, happy and morally upright individuals.



1. Residence Hall Unit Program - These programs aim to assist the intern students in adjusting to the dorm life. Monthly fellowship, homesickness, acquiantance party, dorm's night, year -end party , fellowship culmination and etc.

2. First Aid Management - The Residence Hall unit has supplies needed in case of emergency.

3. Referral - In case of persistent symptoms or illness, the residence hall staff informs the parents/guardians of the scholars immediately. Interns will then be referred and brought to the nearest medical facility for further evaluation and management.

4. Academics Follow-up Program - This program is intended for interns who have probationary academic status. This consists of activities/sessions that aim to assist the scholar in improving his/her academic performance.

5.Counseling – it is a one on one or a group discussion to those interns who are experiencing difficulties in academics, family matters, social communication and etc.


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